Domain Values


We use a 9 Level Valuation System

To grade Domain Names based on their real world value

While .com has been king for almost 3 decades, there are many other TLD’s

Where a domain name has value


The 1st level are major assets in the $100 Million Range

Name Only

Some of these domains are now worth billions

They are now brands with income


A few prefix keywords have great value

Prefixes include

i, e, 1, 800, etc


A prefix keyword can be worth

10% to 33% of the .com keyword with no prefix


Business TLD’s such as .net or .network have high value

So do other new TLD’s including

.loan, .doctor, .lawyer, etc


.inc is a great TLD

As are .llc, .ltd. .limited, .business, .company


Our value system is

Level 1 – $100M (Million)

Level 2 – $50M

Level 3 – $10M

Level 4 – $1M

Level 5 – $500K

Level 6 – $100K

Level 7 – $10K

Level 8 – $1K

Level 9 – <$1000